Big Baby 11


BIG BABY needs heartworm treatment NOW to save his life!    BIG BABY IS A HERO….back in July, 2013, this precious dog literally saved the lives of 3 adults and 3 children. In the middle of the night, a fire broke out at Big Baby’s neighbor’s house across the field in Proctor, AR.  Big Baby literally broke off of his chain (which NEVER happened) and began barking like crazy and ran all the way to the neighbor’s house to alert them. […]

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Journey for shirt 2


Many of you already know that precious Journey crossed the Bridge in February and is watching over all of us.   Luke and Terri adopted and accepted Journey with open arms, knowing that he was “different”.  Journey was the little runt born to Blue Eyes/Wolfie in Proctor, AR (a hoarding type situation) that we bottle fed from the time he was 2 weeks old.  They loved and treated him like royalty (EXACTLY what we had prayed for for the little guy).  No one could even imagine that Journey […]

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Team Journey Magnet


WE WANTED TO THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF JOURNEY AND HIS MOMMY!  PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!   HERE IS HIS UPDATE:  We are so grateful to Journey’s supports who helped raise $680 towards his medical bills on my first race for Team Journey.  His last vet visit had cost just under $950 and that included an echo for his heart and x-rays which determined the seriousness of his spine problems.   He will be going in every […]

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Blue 9

  UPDATE 4/13/13:  BLUE IS READY FOR A FOREVER HOME!!!  This girl has survived the odds and has completely finished her heartworm treatment.  She still needs to get some of the “steroid” weight off, but is otherwise doing fantastic!  An ideal home for Blue would be a quiet home with very patient and understanding people.  Blue has never lived in a “home” per se, so she will need to slowly get used to living inside an entire house.  We suspect […]

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