Meet Kevin

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Kevin grew up with 3 older brothers in a small town in Arkansas, not far from Memphis, TN. Living out in the country, Kevin always had strays coming up to the property that he would take under his wing. His love for animals comes from his mom for sure! Although his mom is no longer with us, she has a special place in his heart. He is so grateful that she taught him to be so loving and compassionate towards all living creatures.

Kevin has 2 children, Logan (age 20) and Hannah (age 14), who also love animals and enjoy helping him with the “next project” when they visit. His regular “day job” is with FedEx Freight in Memphis.

Kevin became involved in “rescue” officially back in 2007 when he and his wife, Allie, began volunteering to take pictures of the shelter dogs in need where they lived.   He can typically be seen holding a pup or two with a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt or hat on! 

 Silverwalk 31 KC 


One day at the shelter, Kevin overheard one of the Animal Control worker’s talking a litter of puppies that were “next on the list”. What he found out was that was the code for who was going to be euthanized next. He immediately called Allie to discuss what they could do. That was the beginning of fostering at the Carroll house.


Kevin at one point even worked part-time at the local shelter in the hopes that it would help facilitate a relationship between Animal Control and the rescue he and Allie later volunteered with.

Kevin and Allie decided to begin their own rescue in 2010 and are excited about the future of Woof Connections.