Kevin and Allie are two passionate animal lovers who are trying to make a difference in the lives of the forgotten pups in the mid-south. They are trying desperately to network with legitimate rescues to help us place these precious pups in loving, indoor homes, and are always looking for more “doggy partners.”

This couple has helped rescue pups since 2007. They began volunteering to take pictures of homeless pups at local animal shelters and subsequently joined a local nonprofit organization. They had no idea the plight of so many animals in the area.

In 2010, they decided to leave the non-profit organization and venture out on our own. Woof Connections was officially born in May, 2010.  Their passion is saving dogs and puppies who have nowhere else to go, who have no other option.

They have pulled pups off the side of the road, from garbage cans, from underneath trailers, from bad situations…they do not discrimminate on the doggies they save based on their age, demeanor, condition…they save every one that we can.

Kevin and Allie’s dream is to purchase property so that they can provide temporary housing for the homeless pups in their area while they search for fur-ever homes for them. Woof Connections is a love connection of sorts…their focus is on connecting homeless fur-babies with their nearly hairless counterparts. They commit themselves fully to the “rescue,” regardless of the financial and emotional costs involved. In other words, they will do whatever it takes within their means to save a life.

Even though they are very small, they desire to make a difference in as many lives as they possibly can. They hope to educate the commuity about the importance of controlling the over-population through spaying and neutering as well.

Woof Connections will soon by applying for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and operates as a 100% volunteer-run, no-kill, foster-home-based animal welfare organization. They receive no federal or local funding; they rely completely on donations to care for the puppies and dogs they rescue. Please consider donating to help their efforts.   There are currently no extra funds for filing fees when you have furry friends in need, but they hope to have the funds soon.   Visit their Donate page here.

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We are 100% donation-supported and volunteer-run. We rely completely on the kindness of our supporters to fund our efforts. We can only save these poor souls, who so desperately need us, with your support. Please consider making a secure donation to help our efforts. Donate via our Pay It Square Secure Online Donation Portal HERE